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Should You Choose a Moving Van Line or a Rental Moving Van?

When it is time for you and your family to move, one decision you need to make is how you are physically going to make the move. Depending on your situation, you can hire a full service moving van line to come in and pack your belongings for you, load them in a truck, and unload, and unpack them at the other end. Or if you are ambitious, you can do it yourself by getting a rental moving van, recruiting some friends, and possibly taking multiple trips.

If you decide to do it yourself, you need to decide what size moving van you will need. Do you need to do the move in one trip? Or, are you moving locally, and can afford a few back and forth trips with a smaller vehicle? If your home has eight rooms,  a 24 foot truck is recommended. For a five room house, a 20 foot truck is recommended, and for a 3 room house you can get by with a 15 foot truck. Consider upgrading to a larger size if you have a lot of belongings in your attic, basement, garage, or a shed.
If you own a large home, larger than eight rooms, you will probably need to make multiple trips, or hire a moving company to drive an 18 wheeler type moving truck. Trucks of this size require a special drivers to have a special license and are not available to rent.

If you decide it makes sense for you to hire a moving company because of the distance you are moving or the size of your house, make sure you choose a reputable company. Remember that you are entrusting all of your belongings to this company. Depending on the level of service you choose, they may be going through your drawers and closets packing boxes for you. Your belongings will be traveling to your new home separately from you, so you have to trust the company you choose. You should also be confident that if any damage to your belongings occurs, they will make adequate amends.
There are many ways you can save money with a moving company. If you are flexible, inquire about moving during the off-season, and be flexible about when they will pick up and deliver your belongings. As mentioned above, moving companies offer different levels of service, so inquire about the rate if you do all the packing yourself. Remember though, that you need to be completely packed when they arrive or they may charge you a fee. Finally, get quotes from a few different reputable companies so that you have negotiating leverage, and you will know if one company's rate is far out of line.

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