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Moving is not easy, and this is made doubly true when you have to move a very long distance. Moving within one’s own city is hard enough with the transportation of goods, but moving hours or even days away is very difficult for everyone. That being said, there are ways you can make things easier on everyone, and all it takes is some easy to understand tips.

Moving long distance is not something that can be done without planning beforehand. To move these long distances, one needs to have the ability to know exactly where everything is going, where it is and what each box contains. This can be done with a good system, and even using a checklist. It is important to know where everything is and what is in every box because if anything is left behind, it could be disastrous.

Think about if you move 1,000 miles, it can be difficult to go all the way back to your original location to pick up those important papers that you forgot at the old location. Hence, you need to split everything up into three distinct categories; boxes, furniture and important items. We will cover all three here on

Boxes will carry everything that is small enough to fit in one. Books, utensils, dishes, clothes, all of it goes in boxes. Many people pack with bags, which is not that bad, but boxes can be easier to load and unload.

Furniture is everything too big to fit in a box. Your television, chairs, table and everything else can be classified as furniture. Boxes will usually be loaded first, while your furniture will follow. This is because boxes will take up the most room usually, but will also be the easiest to load since it is more or less like stacking bricks.
The important items you have will come in a few different varieties. These are things like your papers for the new place, your identification and more. You should also include toys for the kids, food, money and anything else you may need at a moment’s notice. You do not want to be digging around your boxes on the side of the road 500 miles away from the old place because you accidentally packed your baby’s diapers.

Moving long distance is something you have to do on occasion but which can be very difficult. You have to take so many things into consideration that it can be easy to forget about something. You don’t want to be digging through boxes for something, nor do you want to be trying figure out how you will load something on top of the trailer because you did not take the time to plan how the boxes and furniture would fit into your truck.
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